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CHORUS:Hard on the toungue but I'm trying to try,
fucked by the social affinity
stutter and stammer my way to the end,
back out so i can dissolve this heat
heart beating fast i can feel their perception,
look to the ground to eradicate
weight in the words of the matter, I'm livid,
swallow the fear and articulate

How the voice outside fails the thoughts in my head,
makes me feel like I'm dead.
The time I waste around thinking my confidence sinking,
erased at the link of a thread

Defined by ability, I'm selfish Im selfish
Arrived as an entity of enchantment, serenity

Fuck, out of all the ways I could fuck this up I seem to cannot find anything to say
Cant even hear my thoughts, i'ts not like i wanted happiness anyway

Frozen in silence, charisma eroding, my mind cant control it

Within my thoughts I'm breathing, paranoid of how I appear

I can see

Release the tension around, here with a reason so i will succeed
Thank god, im more than a face, fear in my voice while i conjure the courage
I can feel their perception


from Emphatic EP, released March 26, 2016
Source for verse 2 sample :



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Rakin Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

20 year old student and musician from Kota Damnsara, Malaysia. Big influences include Periphery, Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, Madeon.

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